This is a prototype of a rogue-like game where you must escape the cave to beat the game ! Instead of using traditional health points or lives, you must collect food to survive, as every movement you make costs 1 food. How far in the cave can you make it? 

It’s also inspired by Choose Your Own Adventure games, and every choice you make could impact the rest of the game permanently. So, choose wisely!

It’s only a prototype because the graphics and music are from a Unity tutorial for a roguelike game (, which this game was built off and inspired by.  Check it out if you’re interested in making your own game. Additionally, this prototype does not have some features that will be included in the future demo. Everything is subject to change. 

This game is still very much in development, so if you find any bugs, have any helpful suggestions / constructive criticism, features you would like to see, or just things that you like, be sure to comment them down below or email !

Also, if you escape, send me a screenshot and I’ll put your name in the Hall of Fame to be featured in this description!

Known issues with Unity WebGL : 

- Click the game if you don’t hear any sound

- Graphics may be poor on Chrome 


Cave 31 MB

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